Project description

The Hermit was developed over 8 weeks at Futuregames while working from home. The development team consisted of 10 members; three 3d artists, two 2d artists, two designers and three programmers.  The game was developed in Unity 2019.3 using the HDRP.

The Story

Initially the weasels didn't seem like such a big deal! Sure, their big sawtooth blades, mighty hammers and pointy spears looked menacing... but who's scared of a bunch of weasels anyway? The old man was soon chased away from his home. The hermit could never imagine that even the nearby forests were invaded by these bloodthirsty weasels. But something else lives in these forests... perhaps it can help in the fight against the weasels!


The game is a top-down action adventure rpg where you play as the hermit in his fight against the weasels.

The player character

The hermit is controlled with keyboard and mouse. WASD for movement, mouse position to control his facing direction.

To fight the weasels, the hermit uses a 3-combo staff strike, activated on consecutive  on left mouse button.

Forest spirits can be found throughout the level, the spirits will automatically start following the hermit, but sometimes they get side tracked. The hermit can whistle to get their attention, activated by the R key.

The spirits who are following the hermit can be picked up and thrown by clicking 1-4 and pressing the left mouse button. 

The forest spirits can help in combat and can be used to solve puzzles.

The forest is filled with fruits, feed the fruits to the forest spirits with the right mouse button and see what happens.

The World

In the world, the hermit encounters different types of weasels. Some with sharp blades, others with pointy spears, or... big hammers.

The weasels seem to have uncovered some ancient ruins, although they don't seem to have understood how to manipulate these mystical structures. The forest spirits may be able help you solve how to use these mysterious mechanisms. 

Perhaps the funny looking fruits in the forest can be of use, the spirits seem to love them anyways...